Code of Conduct

Aflaunt Code of Conduct

Aflaunt has a commitment to lead its business as per every single pertinent standard, guidelines and laws. We are focused on helping all Users demonstration such that preserves trust and regard. This Code is implied as a manual for utilizing our Site fittingly and must be followed consistently. Ruptures of this Code are taken care of as indicated by our Violations Policy will bring about disciplinary activity, up to, and including, account end. Any inquiries in regards to this Code ought to be routed to the Aflaunt Support Team where we can give you extra data in regards to the right procedure(s) to follow, and address any worries you may have.

Personal Behavior

  • I will act morally and with honesty.
  • I will consent to the entirety of Aflaunt’s approaches.
  • I will regard the privileges of all things considered.
  • I won’t misuse secret data, or partake in some other unlawful practice.
  • I will have respect for Users’ inclinations, rights and wellbeing.
  • I won’t annoy, menace or segregate.
  • I won’t adulterate my own or some other character and I will give genuine and address data.
  • I won’t look to impart or get installments off-site.
  • I won’t consent to accomplish work I am not equipped for doing.
  • I won’t demand the forthright arrival of Milestone Payments before I have conveyed work.

User Content

I am answerable for the substance I post on Aflaunt and:

  • I won’t post content that encroaches upon any copyright or other protected innovation rights.
  • I won’t post content that disregards any law or guideline.
  • I won’t post content that is slanderous.
  • I won’t post content that is profane or contains youngster erotic entertainment.
  • I won’t post content that incorporates inadequate, bogus or off base data about any individual, item, or administration.
  • I won’t post content that contains any infections or programming schedules proposed to harm any framework.
  • I won’t post content that makes the risk for Aflaunt or damages its business activities or notoriety.


  • I will respect confidentiality and privacy.
  • I won’t uncover data or archives I have gained, other than as legally necessary or where approval is given by Aflaunt.


I won’t take part in misrepresentation.

I won’t utilize the Site to create bogus input about any individual, item, or administration.


  • I will keep away from distortion, disdainful comments, and wrong references.
  • I won’t participate in close to home assaults, negative or other out of line analysis, and any amateurish direct.

Spam or Advertising

  • I will not spam or advertise my website or service unless otherwise allowed.

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